A piece of artificial muscle that uses origami designs for added strength

Artificial Muscles Inspired by Origami

Just yesterday, we reported quite the incredible advancement in prosthetics…

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Scientist working on robotic arm

Cyborgs are Coming: Mind Controlled Prosthetics

When we hear the word “cyborg,” we often conjure up…

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Black and yellow bird that evolved on the Galapagos

Evolution of New Species Observed by Scientists

The holidays is a wonderful time of year when families…

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Astronaut staring into the cosmos

New Support for the Theory That Life Originated in the Cosmos

The scientific method was not developed on a whim. It…

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Three vaccination bottles

The Anti-Vaccine Movement is Dying

Finally, some good news for the future of America! For…

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Black cat walking under ladder

Reframe Your Mind: Learn a Foreign Language

It seems like every couple of days there is a…

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IBM Watson

Dr. Watson: Why IBM Watson Will Be the Next Greatest Diagnostician

The team over at IBM Watson is building quite the…

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