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The Anti-Vaccine Movement is Dying

Finally, some good news for the future of America! For years, we have seen a debate rage in American politics over the benefits and potential harms of vaccines in children. Mind you, this was never a true debate in the scientific community. Almost every healthcare researcher in the country agrees that vaccinations are excellent preventative healthcare in children and that there is no evidence of a correlation between vaccinations and autism. Even with the majority of the scientific community in agreement, political factors have led many in the country to believe the falsehood that vaccinations are a cause of autism. This growing anti-vaccine movement was terrifying and researchers responded with campaigns to re-educate the public.

Today, it looks like these campaigns may have been successful as Vox puts out an article outlining how we have seen the number of parents refusing to vaccinate their kids plateau in recent years. This is tremendous and bodes well for the future health of the American population. This shows a change in the overall opinion of the public on vaccinations as preventative care. This should help us to tackle a number of potentially harmful diseases on the horizon for humanity to defeat. The vaccine is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of modern medicine and it is a shame that so many parents have put their children at risk by ignoring the information coming from the scientific community. Hopefully, this trend continues until every child in America can get a vaccine without political propaganda getting in the way of their health.

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